Double- leaf doors

Double-leaf doors are quite often used in rows of garages. Their advantage is simple, stable and durable structure that will make hinged gates a perfect solution for high garages, warehouses and other industrial buildings.

Up and over doors

The stable and lightweight structure, very attractive price and the possibility of using most popular additional options – these features make up-and-over gates the first choice for garage constructors.

Depending on the model, up-and-over gates are a perfect solution in individual construction, housing estate garage systems and in light industry.

The wide range of additional options opens before the Client a wide range of choice. This makes possible the design and construction of the up-and-over gate which will have functionalities equal to those of much more expensive roller shutter or segmented gates.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors is an exceptional choice fir the demanding Clients. Thanks to ergonomic structure you can park your car close to the gate which i s very important especially for garages with short parking ramp.