Collective garages

A very important aspect of any underground garage is space saving. Openwork gates used in collective garages are based on the authoring system of Compact hinged gates. The scissor lifting mechanism not only saves space inside the garage and also makes the gate more silent and its installation is fact and simple, regardless the height of the ceiling.

Dustbin shelters

Dustbin shelters with openwork is a good-looking, sturdy and durable solution used for creating structures protecting municipal waste bins.Openwork structure is based on best practices used in other GMS Nawojowa products, which ensures the stability and durability of the product.

Partition walls

GMS type storage areas are an all-fitting solution for adaptation of the space for individual needs of the occupants of multi-family buildings. The modular partition system allows for the use of GMS products at any space.

Basement doors

Our doors are an excellent alternative to the heavy, unwieldy wooden doors. Construction is provided with fittings made of plastic with high strength, which strengthens the door and eliminate potential corrosion. Basemnet doors are available in certain types of fillings.