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Tilt gates significantly increase the functionality of the garage, facilitating entry or exit by car. It also has an impact on the safety of the stored vehicle due to the protection against theft and weather conditions.

Up and over garage doors

The most important feature that a garage door can have is adaptation to the individual needs of the customer who purchases it. Garage door manufacturer GMS The system offers several variants, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves. Hinged gates are most often installed in row houses. Their biggest advantage is a very simple, stable and durable structure. Thanks to it, they are perfect for closing warehouses, high garages and all kinds of industrial buildings. Due to their stability, you can be sure of many years of operation.

Sectional doors are intended for the most demanding customers. The basis of each product is the highest quality components. The panels are completely filled with foam, and thanks to the sealing of the gate around the perimeter, they are characterized by a very high index of acoustic and thermal insulation.

The most popular solution, however, are overhead gates. Choosing the right entrance of this type definitely increases the functionality of the garage and makes it much easier to enter and exit by car. It also has a huge impact on improving the safety of the car, protecting it against the negative influence of weather conditions and possible theft. These are very functional elements and at the same time safe for users. Tilting garage doors also allow the use of many additional options, which often turn out to be very useful.

The structure of the tilting garage door includes the following elements:

• frame around the leaf
• gate with a threshold (optional brushless system available)
• metal self-latches made of very durable plastic,
• reinforcing profile, serving as a transport protection (for gates with a brush),
• possibility of mounting both in and behind the opening.

Tilting garage doors to size

All steel elements used in the production of these garage doors were galvanized, and wherever possible, the elements were twisted instead of standard welding. Thanks to this, our gates can be used for a long time, and the risk of rusting is reduced to a minimum. The service life of the elements in the construction of tilting garage doors has been significantly extended.
A two-point locking system is used as a standard in this tilting door, thanks to which it is sufficiently protected against any attempt of unauthorized opening. This method of closing also ensures proper adhesion of the sash to the reveal over its entire surface.

Tilting garage door - construction dimensions and prices

Compact Panel C is a novelty in the field of up-and-over doors from a proven manufacturer on the market GMS System. This innovative product stands out among all competitors of this type due to the fact that it is the only one in Poland equipped with a scissor guidance system. This is a very valuable addition because it saves a lot of space inside the garage. Regardless of the height of the ceiling, this door is above average easy to install. It is a manual version available in the pallet sale system.

These door frames with a wicket can be installed in the opening and behind the opening as they have lifting handles and a harness carrying system. The structure of the tilting garage door is based on a galvanized frame measuring 70 x 40 mm. Apart from it, it is worth mentioning the filling of the leaf with a horizontal crease, the scissor system (ensuring very quiet operation and great space saving) and the threshold-free brush system, which is installed in the garage with a spout.

The self-latches in the Compact Panel C door are made of very durable plastic, while the frame is made in the color of the leaf so that it does not visually contrast with it. Transport is completely safe due to the use of a reinforcing profile, while the assembly of the described structure is extremely fast and in most cases takes only about 5 minutes!

The biggest advantages of these overhead doors include:

• space saving: the lack of ceiling guides not only leaves an additional surface, but also the door moves much more silently, and the assembly is simple and quick, regardless of the ceiling height;
• safety: the whole is mounted on several smaller springs, instead of one large one, so even after breaking one of them, you can still be confident about its operation;
• the possibility of using automatic opening, which will further improve and facilitate its use;
• durability: all steel components are galvanized and welding has been replaced with twisting wherever possible;
• profiled handle, ensuring full control when lifting the gate.

The most classic solution among overhead garage doors is the Classic version, i.e. the flagship product GMS The system, designed over 20 years ago, and yet invariably has a very large group of supporters. These are standard hinged doors, which, however, can be equipped with a number of additional options, thanks to which they can even reach the standard at the level of sectional doors, but at the price characteristic for this type of model.

The garage door structure made by our company consists, for example, of a leaf filled with galvanized and profiled steel sheet, which ensures its stable operation for many years. The manufacturer also offers the option of insulating the door and sealing it in order to guarantee sufficient thermal insulation for unheated garages. In addition, you can also enrich the structure with such elements as: transition gate and automation. However, safety was not forgotten, and therefore the sash frame uses point reinforcement of the corners.

Up-and-over gates with assembly

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