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Classically the best.

Classic is the flagship model of the GMS System up-and-over door. The structure designed 20 years ago, thanks to its reliability, works to this day. This durable and stable gate is very popular among customers looking for proven solutions.

Top-shelf materials only.

No worries about the quality.

Our garage boxes have a European Certificate.

About the Classic gate

Standard segmented at a tilt price

The possibility of using key additional options, such as thermal insulation, wicket or automation, guarantees the comfort of use at a level similar to sectional doors. On the other hand, the purchase price of the overhead door is less than half of the amount needed to buy a sectional door.

Robust construction

The quality of our products is of key importance to us. Up and over gates GMS they are made of a closed section with a section of 60 * 60mm. The leaf is filled with a steel, galvanized, profiled sheet; gate trapezoid. This guarantees stable operation of the sash for many years.


Classic doors are available in 11 colors from the RAL palette as standard.

You don't lift a finger
to open our gate
... okay with one finger

The completely redesigned mechanisms of the Classic up-and-over doors allow the door to be opened with very little force. Closing is also effortless.


When creating garage doors, we pay special attention to the safety of their use. Gates CLASSIC They are equipped with three springs placed in a basket designed to ensure maximum safety of use, and specially profiled guides ensure smooth movement of the gate in every situation.


Fretless brush system

Installation in a garage with a spout

Construction reinforcements

System for connecting profiles in overhead doors GMS is a durable and failure-free solution. Nevertheless, in the Classic doors we use additional, point reinforcement of the corners, which additionally strengthens the leaf frame.

strand for the lock



Just perfect.

Types of embossing:
Horizontal wide
Vertical wide
Horizontal narrow
Vertical narrow

Configure your way.

additional options

Glazing in the gate

In the Classic doors, it is possible to install a glazing with dimensions of 600 * 265 mm, available in 6 colors from the RAL palette:

RAL 7016
RAL 8003
RAL 8011
RAL 8017
RAL 9005
RAL 9010


with dimensions of 460 * 136 mm



wicket door

The wicket door in the gate is available in four versions:

  • Right door on the right
  • Left door on the right
  • Right door on the left
  • Left door on the left



The color of the door sheathing is made in the same color as the rest of the door leaf.

Rear view

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Transitional wicket
Feel the comfort


· Sealing

provide sufficient thermal insulation for unheated garages.

Invisible jacket seams.

0,5 mm galvanized sheet

In the sheathing of the Classic gates, we used the original design of the mantle panels, which allows for the creation of the gate without rivet connections with the structure visible from the front. 

Safe transportation

Your product.
Our transport.
Our concern.

We secure our gates for transport in such a way as to eliminate any mechanical damage and protect the surface against weather conditions. 

Technical informations:
frame outer profile (mm)

* 60 60

maximum dimension (mm)

3000 x 2400


in and behind the opening

insulation / wicket door

Yes Yes

adaptation for an automatic machine


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* The model is illustrative and may differ both structurally and visually from the real product.

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