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Location: Krynicka 55, Nawojowa 33-335, Lesser Poland

Working hours: Monday - Friday (7:00 - 15:00)

We currently have no open recruitment positions

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Bring your experience and perspectives to GMS Corporation and join our goal of creating for all.

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Locksmith's assistant

Work with the best specialists and develop your knowledge at GMS Corporaion

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Office worker

Be responsible for maintaining and completing department documentation. 

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By requirements

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Work in the future

If we do not currently have job offers that meet your criteria, you can send us your CV. If a new position opens - you will be the first to know about it.

Sales & After Sales Support

Find your place in the GMS sales department and trade products of which you can be proud of the quality.

Logistics & Transport

Organize rides and installations of GMS Corporation products.

Assembly & Service

Become an assembler and install our products throughout the country and Europe.

Design & Computer Graphics

Collaborate with our graphic designers and create brochures, catalogs, product sheets for our new products.

A company without divisions.

Our approach to the recruitment process is equal to all people. We also constantly strive to ensure equal pay regardless of age or gender. Only together we can create a lot.

Work at gms corporation

Make yourself at home.
Because you are at home.

Working at GMS Corporation, you will quickly notice that you are not the only person who cares about your success. You can count on the support of our community at any time, and your pertinent ideas will certainly not be overlooked. In our company, everyone is treated equally, regardless of their position. Despite almost 30 years of tradition, we are not afraid to take bold steps forward and think "out of the box". Working with us, you can contribute to what we have been building since 1994.

Be aware how bright
you can shine.

In our company, we believe that every person, due to the path they have traveled in life, has unique knowledge. Knowledge that may turn out to be crucial in some cases. We try to look in a broader perspective and analyze all ideas of our employees. We create products available to everyone, which is why everyone's opinion is important to us. We treat others the way we want to be treated.

We see
what's best about you.

There's more to you than you think. Share your knowledge and experience with us and see what else you can create - create as part of GMS Corporation. We appreciate who you are. And who do you want to become.

Inspire us.

At GMS Corporation, we are all the same – and that makes us who we are. Our strength comes from the diversity of mindsets and experiences of individual members. We create for everyone, so we are open to everyone.  

We are not just a team.
We are a community.