About us

Garage gates, bin shelters, steel garages and many more from a leading manufacturer.

Our history began in 1994 when we were a small garage company that produced one type of garage door. As time passed, we hired new employees and increased our production capabilities, while improving the existing product and constantly working on introducing new ones. Today, our company is a leader in the production of garages, garbage cans, garden sheds, fencing and basement doors. Despite achieving a satisfactory position in the industry and high-quality production, the company still cares about continuous development, as evidenced by subsequent awards. However, the best recommendation of our products are thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe.

Why us?

Almost on the market allowed us to meet the needs of our customers, select the appropriate crew and improve our products to meet the requirements of each individual. We have earned the trust of thousands of customers and their number is still growing. 

See why they chose us!

From the beginning of our activity, our priority has been the satisfaction of our clients. This is what distinguishes us from the competition. We can boast of the awards we have received thanks to satisfied customers. We have also launched recently pricing configurator, which allows you to easily place an order or calculate the cost of an investment. It also gives the possibility of any configuration of each product, which greatly facilitates the customers' ordering process.

We offer a wide range of products for houses and estates. Our products guarantee a high quality / price ratio. Thanks to the two-stage quality control, you can be sure that the purchased product will reach you as it should!

We don't stop with the production itself!

We want our products to enjoy and serve for many years, which is why we have them qualified assembly teams in Poland and abroad, which can provide you with trouble-free, quick installation

Thanks to a well-developed logistics network, you can order a gate, a steel garage, a garbage can, a fence or any other selected product from us throughout Poland, but also in the European Union!

When we started our business, we had no idea what its potential was. However, we have always aimed high, focusing on continuous development. In 27 years, we have transformed from a small, two-person garage company into a company whose products can be found practically all over the world and access to them is provided by dozens of distributors.

Contact information

GMS Corporation sp. Z o. O

ul. Krynicka 55,
33–335 Nawojowa
KRS 0000208051
NIP 7343040161
TAX 492938558

GMS Corporation sp. zoo is an entity belonging to PPHU "MS-ów" P.Sromek, M.Kożuch spółka jawna.