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Gazebos and garbage sheds
Store your waste in a classy way.

Gazebos and garbage sheds

Store your waste in a classy way.

Properly isolating municipal waste is important in every housing estate - regardless of its size or location. Gazebos and sheds for garbage cans are a practical and at the same time aesthetic way to separate garbage containers from living and recreational spacewhile ensuring law and order, consistent with the aesthetics of the surroundings. Find out more about our offer and choose the construction of bins that will best meet your expectations!

Gazebos and garbage sheds - an effective way to organize the waste zone

Solid and aesthetic construction of a garbage dump is now an inseparable element of the spatial composition of most housing estates, but also public places. No wonder - this a functional solution that greatly facilitates the maintenance of order and hygiene in the place of waste storageand at the same time perfectly blends in with the surroundings, regardless of its character and style.
Garbage shelters allow you to better take care of the cleanliness of tanks, and also limit unauthorized access to them. Garbage shelters also prevent various types of pests from entering the containers, which significantly affects the comfort of using this zone.
A shed or a garbage can roofing will also work well in private areas, allowing you to better manage the space on the plotin the garden or around the property. Our rubbish bin constructions are distinguished by high quality, solid construction and a modernist look that will perfectly match any space without disturbing its visual concept.

Dumpster gazebos with a green roof ecology and functionality in one

One of the most innovative, effective and – importantly – ecological options when it comes to garbage shelters are currently gazebo with a green roof. It's not only functional covers for waste containers, but also a way to bring a bit of life and nature to the gray space of concrete housing estates.

What distinguishes this type of solution from other traditional trash can covers is the green, living garden on the roof. Contrary to appearances, it is not only a decoration, but also provides many benefits for the environment. The plant substrate stores water, humidifies the air and provides pleasant coolness on hot, dry days.

Greenery also absorbs pollutants from the air (including, above all, carbon dioxide) and improves its quality. Additionally a green roof reduces noise, which is especially important in the center of larger cities or on busy roads. Plants also effectively contribute to improving biodiversity, e.g. by creating natural habitats for animals.

Ecological gazebos are as practical as their traditional counterparts. They have a strong, solid structure made of high-quality steel. They can be installed directly in the ground, which makes it much easier. Thanks to this solution, you can gain many benefits, especially those related to the natural environment.

The most important of them are:

  • improving air quality,
  • rainwater retention,
  • reducing the negative effects of heavy rainfall,
  • lowering the temperature,
  • anti-smog properties,
  • acoustic insulation,
  • improving biodiversity,
  • increasing the aesthetics of the environment.
  • Gazebos for rubbish bins - sizes

    A big lot isn't a lot for us.

    The dimensions of the GMS bin gazebos have been adapted to typical waste containers. The openwork construction of the walls and raising the structure provides the required ventilation. Sliding or hinged doors are locked, which allows access to the containers only to authorized persons.

    Our sheds for garbage cans also perfectly protect against moisture and the formation of water ponds. Rainwater is drained from them using a special gutter and PVC downpipe, which ensures comfort of use even in adverse weather conditions.
    small shed


    1 x 1100 l container


    Swinging wicket

    average dumpster gazebo


    2 x 1100 l containers


    Swinging wicket

    large shed shed


    4 x 1100 l containers


    Swinging or sliding wicket

    large shed shed


    6 x 1100 l containers


    Swinging or sliding wicket

    Garbage gazebos and pergolas - construction
    Gazebo that
    has a PRO longed

    Garbage gazebo is a solid and practical construction consisting of galvanized steel poles, connected to each other by z-sections. Thanks to the modular construction, the assembly of the gazebo is very simple and quick. Modular garbage gazebos can be mounted on cubes, concrete screed or concrete slabs, which ensures stability and durability of the structure.

    All elements are carefully galvanized, which protects the steel shelter against corrosion, and the screwed connections increase its strength. All this makes gazebos for litter bins perfect a solution for people looking for a functional and aesthetic way to store waste.

    Steel galvanized

    When it comes to steel garbage sheds, the main part of their structure are made of steel, galvanized polesconnected with each other by means of thick z-sections.

    Zinc layer

    Each element of the garbage shelter is covered with a layer of zinc, which guarantees high resistance of steel to adverse weather conditions, perfectly protecting against corrosion.

    Powder painted

    At the end, each garbage shed is painted. individual construction elements are powder coated in selected colors from the RAL palette. It is possible to choose different colors for the structure, filling and roof blends and the roof itself.
    Filling of garbage gazebos

    GMS gazebos are also a modern form

    The GMS garbage gazebos also feature a modern design, a varied form of filling the walls and a full color palette. Thanks to this they perfectly harmonize with the space around modern housing estates housing.
    GMS–SYSTEM bin gazebos are available in 7 types of fillings, ranging from lattice filling to EX filling, which is perfect for prestigious locations.
    We offer bin boxes in many dimensional, color and construction variants - below we have included the proposed types of wall construction, using e.g. shutters and nets. Each gazebo for litter bins from the manufacturer GMS System takes into account all market expectations in this product segment: attention to construction, function and form.