Compact dustbin covers

Small, but they have a lot to offer.

Compact bin guards have been created to help keep order around your home, company or institution. They are made of galvanized steel, which makes them durable and resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Covers for garbage containers are available in various colors and shapes, which allows you to match them to the aesthetics of the environment.


compact dustbin guards

GMS NANO dustbin covers are available in 4 sizes. The smallest cover is able to fit one standard container with a capacity of 120 to 240 liters. The largest one can fit as many as 4 containers. In addition, the dustbin covers, thanks to their design, can be placed next to each other, which allows you to create a unit that can accommodate an unlimited number of containers.


compact dustbin guards

Covers for garbage containers are available in 11 colors and different sizes, which allows you to match them to the aesthetics of the environment. They are not only practical, but also aesthetic, so they can be placed in various places, e.g. in the yard, in the garden, in front of the building or in the city center, without worrying about disturbing the appearance of the surroundings.

In short about

compact dustbin guards

The NANO GMS product will provide the perfect housing for up to four 240-liter or 120-liter bins. The cover protects the container against weather conditions and pest access. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, it is a pleasant place to store waste. The structure of the shield is made of appropriately profiled horizontal panels made of galvanized steel, combined with an ecological method of clinching. 

Lacquered handle

NANO GMS embossing

The actuator supporting the opening of the flap

Magnet that closes the door

Double hinges

Chain for hanging the dustbin flap

Move the slider

and see the difference

Compact dustbin coversCompact dustbin covers
The decision is yours.

Be lightest for the planet.

By opting for compact bin covers, you can start recycling more easily. Thanks to the stickers informing about the contents on the door, you will never mix up containers again. These stickers are particularly useful in housing estates, where not everyone knows which garbage can to put what. Additionally, thanks to the use of pneumatic actuators, almost no force is needed to open the cover of the cover connected to the flap of the garbage can. 

Build in security.

By installing compact dumpster covers at the house or on the estate, we can be sure that pests will not get into the containers inside. It also prevents baskets from tipping over in unfavorable weather conditions.

Which cover do you choose?

1 container with a capacity of 120 or 240 liters.

From PLN 1


2 containers with a capacity of 120 or 240 liters.

From PLN 2


3 containers with a capacity of 120 or 240 liters.

From PLN 3


4 containers with a capacity of 120 or 240 liters

From PLN 4

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