Dumpster gazebo GMS-C MAXI (sliding door) - GMS System

GMS-C MAXI bin gazebo (sliding door)

  • The color of the gazebo

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    • 1

      RAL 3005 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 6005 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 6020 matt 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 7016 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 7016 matt 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 8004 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 8017 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 8017 matt 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 9006 2366,00 

    • 1

      RAL 9010 2366,00 

  • Gutter color

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    • 1


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  • Hand out closures

    • Hook lock 222,00 

    • Padlock handle

  • Additional options

    • Anti-condensation coating 369,20 

Total net price 19208,00 

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GMS-C MAXI bin gazebo (sliding door)


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Sizes of gazebos

GMS System bin shelters have been adjusted in size to the basic garbage cans used in Poland. Thanks to this we optimize the use of space. The sizes of gazebos in the GMS System offer are presented in the table below. Our offer includes 4 sizes of gazebos.

A modern form of cream arbors

In the GMS bin arbors, care was also taken for modern design, a varied form of wall filling and a full color palette. Thanks to this, they harmonize with the space around modern housing estates.


The GMS-C gazebo is filled with C-shaped panels, which are connected with each other using the ecological method of clinching. With this type of filling, the contents of the gazebo are completely covered.

Opening the gazebo

In GMS bin gazebos, we have used the option of adjusting the door to individual needs. We can choose from swing doors with a handle or sliding doors with GMS handrails. Each of these solutions allows easy access to the interior of the gazebo, and removing the containers is not a problem.

Additional product information

Below you will find detailed information about the GMS-QG gazebo.

A wide range of colors

GMS-C gazebos are available in 11 color variants from the RAL palette.

Durable materials

Regardless of the color, the gazebos are made of the highest quality galvanized steel. The product is powder coated in a professional paint shop, which guarantees the longevity of the coating and high quality of its location.

Robust construction

Under the gazebo's sheathing, there is a very durable steel structure. The roof is supported by very strong roof C-profiles made of a 2mm-thick sheet metal, bent in a way that ensures the greatest accessibility and minimizes the risk of deformation.

Aesthetic appearance anywhere

Gazebo GMS is not only a durable product, but also pleasing to the eye of the viewer. Concrete waste disposal sites are often the target of vandalism and add weight to the surroundings. GMS bin shelters are a durable structure with a light appearance, which, thanks to the high availability of colors, can be adapted to any place.


Producer from the category The estate system
Type of filling GMS-C (panel c)
Additional options Anti-condensation coating, foot
Available sizes 2mx2m, 2mx3m, 4mx3m, 4mx5m
Product Applications Storage waste containers
Number of available colors 11
Main material Stal galvanized
Types of inputs Sliding doors, swing doors
The method of attachment To the ground


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