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The success of GMS – a fencing system is not only evidenced by almost 30 years of experience and the position of a leader in the industry. It's definitely something more... The success of our company is confirmed by our clients and the projects we participated in. It is thanks to them and their trust that we have created the most beautiful business card we could ever dream of.

Thank you!

Our Team GMS - a system of fencing

"The measure of success is not the position you have achieved in life, but the obstacles you have overcome along the way."

Złota 44 in Warsaw

The work of a world-famous architect, Daniel Libeskind, i.e. the already famous Złota 44 skyscraper, is the highest of its class in the European Union. Złota 44 is 192 meters high, 52 floors and 287 luxury apartments located in the very center of Warsaw. It is a perfect reflection of the success and aspirations of Poles, which has never been seen in Poland so far.

We are proud that we could be one of the subcontractors and it is our type of storage units GMS - And they were installed on all 8 levels of this skyscraper. Thanks to us, the residents of Złota 44 will be able to enjoy a safe warehouse space, having a guarantee of a high-quality product that ensures privacy and very good ventilation of the rooms.

An interesting fact for football fans: one of the inhabitants of this investment is none other than the captain of the Polish team - Robert Lewandowski.

The investment was officially opened in March 2017.

Royal Castle in Warsaw

One of the architectural gems of Warsaw is the Royal Castle, located at 4 Castle Square. Originally, it served as a residence for the Dukes of Mazovia, and later became the seat of the authorities of the First Polish Republic. Although it was plundered and devastated for years, today it is one of the most representative buildings in Warsaw.

It owes its present image to the work of many architects who worked during its reconstruction and the renovations that have been carried out in recent years. During one of them, in 2013, the appearance of the eastern façade was restored to the one we know from Canlett paintings. And thuja let's stop for a moment because the company GMS - the fencing system also played a part in restoring its splendor. Our openwork walls and type doors have been installed to separate the storage space in the basement GMS - A.

ATAL Francuska Park housing estate in Katowice

A unique and modern residential complex is being built in Katowice, which is developing more dynamically ATAL French Park. The investment, consisting of 3 stages and 9 buildings, is located in a remarkable area adjacent to the Valley of Three Ponds, at the intersection of Francuska and Lotnisko streets. The whole thing is a real treat for nature lovers, who also appreciate the charms of living in the city.

As subcontractors of this investment, we faced a very important task. Thanks to us, residents will be able to enjoy a well-developed warehouse space, because we have installed 375 storage rooms of the type GMS ‑P, i.e. high-quality solutions that provide its users with a sense of privacy.

The entire project will be put into use in May 2017.

Espace Wilanów in Warsaw

Another investment in which we installed our type storage rooms GMS - Oh, it's Espace Wilanów in Warsaw. It is a four-story building located at ul. Rzeczpospolita 20.


Its uniqueness is evidenced by a special approach to the optimal use of space and ensuring the full comfort of its tenants.

The architects thought not only about large windows to ensure good lighting of the rooms, but also designed a wonderful playground for children. What's more, residents will also have access to a patio, fitness center, jacuzzi and saunas.

The construction completion is scheduled for October 2017.

ATAL Towers in Wrocław

ATAL Towers is a prestigious investment that is being built in the very center of Wrocław, at ul. Sikorski. It will be a complex consisting of two unique buildings. The first of them (already put into operation) was built in the shape of the letter L, stretching along the long side along the Odra River. In turn, the second building (currently under construction) will consist of two seven-story towers, connected by a common ground-floor part. ATAL Towers is an ideal place for people who appreciate the beauty of modern design and the amenities of living in the city center.

The entire investment will consist of a total of 451 apartments and about 200 storage rooms, which the company GMS-system of fencing is pleased to install. In order to provide residents ATAL Towers of well-organized storage space with privacy and good ventilation, storage rooms of the type were used GMS-AND.

Chojny Park in Łódź

The three-stage investment of Chojny Park is located in the southern part of the city, between Rolnicza and Kurczaki streets. Due to the modern design and numerous green areas and playgrounds, a unique estate has been created, which is a real treat for lovers of nature and activity. This place was created for young and ambitious people who value convenience and comfort of life.

We proudly admit that thanks to us, the residents of Chojna Park can enjoy a well-organized garage space. Moreover, type fencing installed in buildings GMS provide tenants with optimal ventilation of the rooms, thus increasing the comfort of its use.

Artistic Żoliborz in Warsaw

It is widely known that Warsaw's Żoliborz is going through its renaissance period. It becomes a district with a unique space, friendly to younger and older residents. No wonder that it is in Sady Żoliborskie, at ul. Powązkowska 7, a unique estate is being built with a unique urban concept that continues the interwar tradition of Żoliborz. The entire investment will ultimately consist of 8 buildings with 5 to 8 floors with a ground floor and 2 underground floors. Artistic Żoliborz is a housing estate made of 1 new apartments.

One of the subcontractors co-creating Artystyczny Żoliborz is also the company GMS - fencing systems. Thanks to us, the tenants of stages such as: K, L and M will be able to enjoy a very well-organized warehouse space. We have installed type storage rooms in the underground storeys GMS- K, thus providing their users with very good ventilation.

As a curiosity, Żoliborz Artystyczny won the prestigious Architectural Award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw. The awarded prize is a guarantee of a high level of investment performance and care for creating friendly and inspiring living conditions, as well as spending free time by users.

Construction completion is scheduled for Q4 2017.

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