I have lear­ned that suc­cess is to be measu­red not so much by the posi­tion that one has reached in life as by the obstac­les which he has had to over­co­me whi­le try­ing to succeed.”

Booker T. Washington

The suc­cess of GMS – par­ti­tion walls sys­tem, has not only been esta­bli­shed by 20 years of expe­rien­ce and the leader posi­tion in the indu­stry. It has been much more… It is the clients and the pro­jects which we were part of that say a lot abo­ut the suc­cess of our com­pa­ny. Thanks to them and the trust they pla­ced in us, we have cre­ated the best recom­men­da­tion card we could have ever dre­amt of.

Thank You!

GMS Team – par­ti­tion walls system

wieżowiec w Warszawie

Złota 44 in Warsaw

Alre­ady famo­us sky­scra­per Zło­ta 44, cre­ated by world-renow­ned archi­tect Daniel Libe­skind, is the highest in its class in Euro­pe­an Union with 192 m of height, 52 sto­reys and 287 luxu­rio­us apart­ments loca­ted in the heart of War­saw. It sym­bo­li­ses the suc­cess and aspi­ra­tions of polish people in the way never seen before.

czy­taj więcej…

We’ve been pro­ud to be one of the sub­con­trac­tors of the pro­jects. We have moun­ted GMS‑A par­ti­tion walls  in all of the 8 levels of the sky­scra­per. Thanks to us, the resi­dents of Zło­ta 44 will be able to use the safe sto­ra­ge spa­ces, with a guaran­tee of high quali­ty of pro­duct, pri­va­cy and very good ventilation.

Tri­via for foot­ball fans – one of the resi­dents of Zło­ta 44 is no other than the cap­ta­in of polish team – Robert Lewandowski.

The buil­ding was offi­cial­ly ope­ned in the march of 2017.

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zamek królewski w Warszawie

Royal Castle in Warsaw

One of the most remar­ka­ble buil­dings in War­saw is the Roy­al Castle, loca­ted by the Zam­ko­wy squ­are 4. At first con­ce­ived as a resi­den­ce of Mazowiecki’s prin­ces, later beca­me the seat of the rulers of the Ist Repu­blic of Poland. Even tho­ugh it was exten­si­ve­ly rob­bed and deva­sta­ted during the years, it is now one of the most repre­sen­ta­ti­ve buil­dings in Warsaw.

czy­taj więcej…

Its uni­que ima­ge can be con­tri­bu­ted to the work of mul­ti­ple archi­tects, who wor­ked on its recon­struc­tion and reno­va­tion in the recent years. During one of them, in 2013, the eastern ele­va­tion has been resto­red to the sta­te which could have been obse­rved in the Cana­let­to pain­tings. Also our com­pa­ny, with the sys­tem of GMS par­ti­tions, has had its sha­re in the­se works. The sto­ra­ge spa­ces in the under­gro­und have been cre­ated using our open­work GMS‑A  walls and doors in the type GMS‑A.

osiedle Francuska Park

ATAL Francuska Park Housing Estate in Katowice

In the thri­ving city of Kato­wi­ce has been cre­ated the new, remar­ka­ble, modern housing esta­te ATAL Fran­cu­ska Park. It is com­pri­sed of 9 buil­dings in 3 sta­ges, loca­ted in the uni­que neigh­bo­ur­ho­od, in the vici­ni­ty of Doli­na Trzech Sta­wów, at the junc­tion of the Fran­cu­ska and Lot­ni­sko stre­ets. It is a per­fect loca­tion for lovers of natu­re who, at the same time, enjoy the pri­vi­le­ges of the life in the city.

czy­taj więcej…

As sub­con­trac­tors, we han­dled a very dif­fi­cult task – it is thanks to us that the resi­dents will have a very well desi­gned sto­ra­ge spa­ce. We moun­ted par­ti­tion walls for the 375 sto­ra­ge rooms in the who­le esta­te, using the GMS‑P sys­tem par­ti­tion walls. The high quali­ty solu­tion pro­vi­des resi­dents with privacy.

The esta­te will be put to use in may of 2017.

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Escape Wilanów

Espace Wilanów in Warsaw

The next pro­ject, whe­re we moun­ted our GMS‑A par­ti­tion walls, is Espa­ce Wila­nów in War­saw. The 4‑storey buil­ding situ­ated at Rzecz­po­spo­li­tej stre­et  20, has been pro­vi­ded with uni­qu­ely cra­fted solu­tion for opti­mal usa­ge of spa­ce and com­fort of residents.

czy­taj więcej…

The archi­tects have desi­gned not only big win­dows which pro­vi­de well-lit spa­ces, but also an ama­zing play­gro­und for chil­dren. Fur­ther­mo­re, the resi­dents will be able to use patio, fit­ness, jacuz­zi and saunas.

The end of the con­struc­tion works is sche­du­led for Octo­ber 2017.

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Artystyczny Żoliborz

Artystyczny Żoliborz in Warsaw

In recent years, the Żoli­borz neigh­bo­ur­ho­od in War­saw is going thro­ugh its rena­is­san­ce. With its uni­qu­eness, it has beco­me a frien­dly spa­ce for people of all age gro­ups. It’s not sur­pri­sing, then, that Sady Żoli­bor­skie, on Powąz­kow­ska stre­et 7, are the loca­tion of a remar­ka­ble housing esta­te with uni­que urban con­cept, refer­ring to the tra­di­tion of Żoli­borz. The who­le esta­te will be com­pri­sed of 8 bul­dings, 5–8 sto­reys each and with 2 under­gro­und sto­reys. 1377 new apart­ments will be created.

czy­taj więcej…

One of the sub­con­trac­tors was also GMS com­pa­ny, with our par­ti­tion walls sys­tem. Thanks to us, the resi­dents of the K, L and M sta­ges will be able to use very well-desi­gned sto­ra­ge spa­ces. For the sto­ra­ge rooms we pro­vi­ded GMS‑K par­ti­tion walls, which are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by good ven­ti­la­tion parameters.

As a tri­via – Żoli­borz Arty­stycz­ny has been awar­ded with a pre­sti­gio­us award of the Pre­si­dent of Capi­tal City War­saw. The award pro­vi­des a pro­of of the high level of exe­cu­tion and care for the frien­dly and inspi­ring con­di­tions to live, as well as for the recre­ation purposes.

The end of the con­struc­tion works is sche­du­led for the fourth quar­ter of the 2017.

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ATAL Towers

ATAL Towers in Wrocław

ATAL Towers is a pre­sti­gio­us pro­ject, which is being exe­cu­ted in the cen­tre of Wro­cław, at the Sikor­skie­go stre­et. It has been con­ce­ived as a com­plex com­pri­sed of two buil­dings. One of them, alre­ady put into use, has been desi­gned on plan of let­ter L, with a lon­ger side next to the river Oder. The second sta­ge, in turn, still under con­struc­tion, is going to be two towers, with a com­mon gro­und flo­or spa­ce. ATAL Towers is the ide­al pla­ce for people who fan­cy modern design and com­fort resul­ting from the cen­tral loca­tion in the city.

czy­taj więcej…

The who­le pro­ject com­pri­ses of 451 apart­ments and aro­und 200 sto­ra­ge rooms, for which the par­ti­tion walls we were hono­ured to mount. The GMS‑A walls were used, in order to pro­vi­de pri­va­cy and well-ven­ti­la­ted space.

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Chojny Park

Chojny Park in Łódź

The three-sta­ge pro­ject Choj­ny Park is loca­ted in the southern part of the city, in betwe­en Rol­ni­cza and Kur­cza­ki stre­et. Remar­ka­ble due to the usa­ge of modern design and mul­ti­ple gre­en spa­ces as well as play­gro­unds, this housing esta­te pro­vi­des com­fort and is a per­fect pla­ce for the young lovers of acti­ve life clo­se to nature.

czy­taj więcej…

We are pro­ud to admit that it’s thanks to us that the resi­dents of Choj­ny Park can use the well-desi­gned gara­ge spa­ce. What is more, the moun­ted GMS par­ti­tion walls pro­vi­de high level of ven­ti­la­tion, making the spa­ce more com­for­ta­ble for the users.

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