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Up and over garage doors are one of the most popular solutions chosen by property owners. The big advantage of this type of products is their prices. Moreover, these models are used not only in houses with additional rooms for parking a car, but also in detached garages that function as separate facilities. As a manufacturer, we can offer custom-made tilting garage doors that feature high-quality materials and technological solutions. When it comes to prices, each custom-made swing gate will be different due to its size or selected pattern. We invite you to check our offer in this area.

Tilting garage doors to size

We make custom-made swing gates according to the customer's wishes. We will prepare a design and create a model also in a non-standard format. Both these and basic custom-made overhead garage doors have prices included in the description. Thanks to this, the client is able to pre-calculate the cost of such an investment already at the planning stage.

The structure of our overhead garage doors consists of the following elements::

  • frame around the leaf,
  • model with a threshold or alternatively - a brush system without a threshold,
  • metal self-latches.

Each item can be installed both in the garage opening and behind it. Thanks to we make our products to size and adapt them to the individual needs of the customer, and the equipment and, consequently, the price, to the budget at its disposal.

If aesthetics are important to you, our overhead garage doors are available in a wide range of colors (from standard galvanized, through 11 RAL shades, walnut or golden oak options). This allows you to easily match the gate to the style of your house or other facility. Thanks to the use of special protective coatings, the overhead garage doors in our offer are also resistant to weather conditions. 

How do up-and-over garage doors work?

Tilting entrance gates have a very easy-to-use mechanism. The garage door is opened by a tilting movement to the upper part of the rooma, where it is partially hidden. The models we propose are operated manually.

It is also possible to use automatic openinga, to further improve them and make them easier to use. As a manufacturer, we ensure that all presented products, which differ, among others, design, dimensions, prices, we always make them from high-quality materials. All elements are precisely matched, which guarantees smooth and quiet operation of the mechanism.

What are the advantages of up-and-over garage doors?

First of all, they significantly increase the functionality of the garage, making it easier to enter or exit by car. Up-and-over garage doors made to specific dimensions also provide additional protection for the stored vehicle against theft and weather conditions. Their other attributes include::

  • no ceiling guides – this way you save space,
  • simple and quick assembly – regardless of the ceiling height, both in new garage openings and those intended for renovation,
  • durability – all steel elements are galvanized,
  • discreet work – very quiet opening and closing,
  • reliability – due to the fact that the whole thing is mounted on several smaller springs, even after breaking one of them, the mechanism still works without any problems,
  • profiled handle – making it easier to control the lifting gate.

That's why, that The tilting garage door opens with a swinging movement, is a very convenient solution for years.

Order tilting garage doors from GMS System

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of tilting garage models and the prices at which they are available. We can make them in any size, even non-standard ones! We encourage you to place orders using a special configurator garage doors. You can easily choose the height of the gate, the type of embossing, the color of the gate, the number of ventilation grilles, glazing, and additional gates.

The wizard also allows you to select a number of additional options, such as: a threshold-less brush system, joint angles, insulation (with Styrofoam and PVC panels), locking adapted to the automation, a strip door closer for the gate, a foot securing the gate leaf or an assembly kit for installation behind the opening. By choosing each option, you can immediately find out the cost of its use and how it will affect the final price of the entire order. Thanks to this, you can immediately adjust the gate parameters to your needs and financial possibilities. 

Jako manufacturer of sheet metal garages We also offer other types Garage Doors, including swing gates i double-leaf garage doors. In addition to a wide range of garage doors, our offer also includes various variants tin garages. They are made of the best quality galvanized steel, which guarantees their durability and corrosion resistance.

You can choose from structures designed for one car, but also those that can accommodate two vehicles. Our garages are an ideal solution for people who are looking for not only a practical but also an economical way to secure their car. They are easy to install and do not require specialized tools, which significantly reduces installation time. Thanks to this, these are products that are perfect for both home and commercial use.

All this makes us one of the most versatile manufacturers on the market, offering comprehensive solutions for a variety of vehicle storage and security needs. Do you have any questions about our offer? Contact us, we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you!

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