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Steel, garden sheds

Objects where valuable items and goods can be stored are unflaggingly popular among plot owners or property managers. Their advantages include, among others: above-average durability, functionality and versatility. As a reputable manufacturer, we offer made-to-measure steel sheds for a motorcycle, bicycle at home, tools or fuel. In addition, we offer lockable and metal garage models. Thanks to this, each customer will find a solution tailored to the needs or the amount of available space. We encourage you to check our products!

High-quality metal sheds for a bicycle or motorcycle. We create custom-made products that are durable and easy to assemble. Come in and order at a good price!

Sheds for a bicycle or motorcycle

Two-wheelers know that they must be maintained, but above all, properly stored. It is often difficult to find the right amount of space in a residential building. In such a situation, a metal, lockable shed for a motorcycle and bicycles at the house will work best, in which you can also hide scooters, skateboards and various consumables, creating your own small workshop. The custom-made steel facility will perfectly protect vehicles against the effects of harmful weather conditions. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your valuable items will remain in impeccable condition for years.

Lockable carports for many applications

The wide range of applications of the sold structures means that they can also be used for other purposes. It is worth noting that a steel, lockable carport is relatively capacious, so you can store not only a bicycle or motorcycle, but also lawnmowers, saws or other tools for garden work. Custom-made metal products will also allow you to store cut wood and firewood. Particularly noteworthy are modern facilities for wheelchairs, which will be useful for people with disabilities and their carers. Importantly, the compact size of our solutions enables quick and trouble-free installation near or next to houses or utility rooms.

Durable metal carports

In the case of products placed in the open, durability is of great importance. So we made sure that every metal shed for bicycles or motorcycles at home was made of durable, cut to size metal elements. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the closed garage structures are highly resistant to moisture, frost and UV radiation. Even after many years, they will remain functional and completely safe to use. It should also be noted that the products are very aesthetic and perfectly fit into the environment. On special request, they can be painted in a selected color.

Buy perfect steel carports to size

People looking for a modern, custom-made metal shed should choose our attractive offer. We have extensive experience that allows us to produce refined steel garage structures for a bicycle by the house or a motorcycle. They are lockable, and if necessary, you can adjust the door opening direction or buy additional equipment. We guarantee competitive prices, exemplary customer contact and full satisfaction with the purchase, so we invite you to use GSM System services!

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