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Tilting garage doors are among the most popular solutions that allow you to protect the car against the influence of the external environment. They protect against weather conditions, and at the same time are functional and safe for users. They also allow the use of many useful additional options.
When creating this product, we focused on the highest quality of the material, because we are convinced that the price is not the only selection criterion. As a result, a product of the highest quality and reliability was created, significantly distinguishing among the offers of metal garages available on the Polish market.
They are used wherever there is a need for storage - they are perfect as a storage for garden tools, sports equipment, and wood for the fireplace. A special version of the shelter allows you to store wheelchairs.

Aesthetic, simple and durable - this is how you can describe the SuperStrong steel garage in a few words! Its skeleton structure ensures resistance in difficult weather conditions. Equipped with a functional sectional garage door, it is appreciated by many satisfied customers. It is a solution that has become an alternative to traditional steel and brick buildings. Find out what its phenomenon is and see for yourself that it is worth making a purchase.

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Use the third mouse button to zoom in or out to the current camera focus.

Certain moving elements (such as mechanisms, doors, etc.) have been activated for interaction. You can start the animation by clicking on an element that you would normally touch to use it. For example, to open a door, just press the handle.

Hover over the icons in the menu in the upper right corner to see what they do. Press to use.

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