Various types of garage doors

Choosing the right up-and-over garage door significantly increases its functionality and facilitates car entry or exit. It also has an impact on the safety of the stored vehicle due to the protection against theft and weather conditions.

Double-leaf gates with a panel filling are most often used in single and multi-family buildings. Innovative technical solutions and a stable structure ensure comfort of use. Filling the gate with a polyurethane panel guarantees perfect thermal insulation regardless of the weather.

Over-and-over garage doors are often used in terraced buildings. Their unquestionable advantage is their simple, stable and durable structure, which makes the swing gates perfect for closing high garages, warehouses and other industrial buildings. The stable structure of swing gates guarantees their efficient, long-term operation.

Sectional gates GMS The system is an excellent proposition for demanding customers. Top quality components used by GMS The system is the basis of every product. The panels are filled with high-quality foam, and the perimeter sealing of the door makes the door sectional GMS The system is characterized by a high index of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Garage doors are among the most popular solutions, which are an indispensable element of home furnishings and modern blocks of flats, which protect the car against the influence of the external environment. They protect vehicles against weather conditions, and at the same time are functional and safe for users. Choose a model and color from our offer that perfectly match the style of the building.

Choose a model and color from our offer that perfectly match the style of the building. In the case of single-family houses, it is also possible to adjust the model to the individual preferences of the client.

Our offer includes the following models:




Tilting garage doors are our flagship model, which thanks to its light structure ensures comfort of use. Their universal parameters make them widely used both in single-family houses and in housing estate parking systems. Moreover, in order to increase the comfort of operation, it is possible to fully automate it.

Side-hung models are particularly popular in row-type buildings, as well as in warehouses. Their wings are made of materials covered with a protective layer of zinc, which protects them against corrosion.

Flagship garage doors

In turn, sectional garage doors are a proposal for customers who value non-standard solutions. They have armor made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal, which is coated with a layer of polyester varnish, which guarantees excellent protection against various types of scratches. We also enable additional sealing of the gate, which guarantees sound insulation.

All available models of garage doors have a special system to prevent accidental pinching and coatings that protect the product against corrosion. At the customer's special request, we also install additional elements, such as insulation or wicket doors.