Up and over doors

The sta­ble and ligh­twe­ight struc­tu­re, very attrac­ti­ve pri­ce and the possi­bi­li­ty of using most popu­lar addi­tio­nal options – the­se featu­res make up-and-over gates the first cho­ice for gara­ge constructors.

Depen­ding on the model, up-and-over gates are a per­fect solu­tion in indi­vi­du­al con­struc­tion, housing esta­te gara­ge sys­tems and in light industry.

The wide ran­ge of addi­tio­nal options opens befo­re the Client a wide ran­ge of cho­ice. This makes possi­ble the design and con­struc­tion of the up-and-over gate which will have func­tio­na­li­ties equ­al to tho­se of much more expen­si­ve rol­ler shut­ter or seg­men­ted gates.

Double- leaf doors

Double-leaf doors are quite often used in rows of gara­ges. The­ir advan­ta­ge is sim­ple, sta­ble and dura­ble struc­tu­re that will make hin­ged gates a per­fect solu­tion for high gara­ges, ware­ho­uses and other indu­strial buildings.

Doube-leaf doors – panel filling

Over-and-over gara­ge doors are often used in ter­ra­ced buil­dings. The­ir unqu­estio­na­ble advan­ta­ge is a sim­ple, sta­ble and dura­ble struc­tu­re, which makes swing gates per­fect for clo­sing high gara­ges, ware­ho­uses and other indu­strial buil­dings. Fil­ling the gate with a poly­ure­tha­ne panel guaran­te­es per­fect ther­mal insu­la­tion in any weather.

Sectional doors

Sec­tio­nal doors is an excep­tio­nal cho­ice fir the deman­ding Clients. Thanks to ergo­no­mic struc­tu­re you can park your car clo­se to the gate which i s very impor­tant espe­cial­ly for gara­ges with short par­king ramp.