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Single-leaf panel

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Double-leaf panel

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Single-leaf sheet metal

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Double-leaf tin

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Swing gates (panel garage doors) with panel infill are most often used in single-family and multi-family buildings. Innovative technical solutions and stable construction ensure comfort of use. Filling the gate with a polyurethane panel guarantees excellent thermal insulation regardless of the weather.

We offer a wide range of modern panel garage doors that meet the various needs of users. Our panel gates are not only functional solutions, but also aesthetic elements that perfectly fit into the modern design of real estate and surrounding infrastructure.

Panel garage doors from the manufacturer

Panel garage door – types

We have different types of gates such as panel garage gate, panel gate with doors, double-leaf panel gate, double-leaf panel gate, single-leaf panel gate and other panel swing gates. Whatever your needs, you will certainly find the perfect solution with us. Regardless of whether it is a single-leaf panel gate or a larger one - with two leaves.

gaskets placed around the perimeter of the gate

double vertical locking system (applies to double-leaf gates)

self-latches made of composite material, thanks to which the durability and life of this mechanism is increased (applies to double-leaf gates)

door leaf opening limiter at an angle of 90 degrees as standard

Panel garage doors and their advantages

Swing gates – manufacturer GMS system

Our panel gates are characterized not only by modern design, but also by innovative technologies that ensure structural solidity and excellent thermal insulation. Additionally, we offer panel swing gates, which are a practical and functional solution for various types of garages.

Jako experienced manufacturer of panel garage doors, we focus on high quality and professionalism. We will be happy to deliver modern and durable gates that will meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, functionality and durability. We encourage you to check the full offer of panel gates, sheds, garages and other products from our catalog! As direct manufacturer of garage doors, we offer:

RAL 9016ᵂ
RAL 8014ᵂ
RAL 7016
Golden Oak

ᵂ- woodgrain structure

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