Garage doors

Sec­tio­nal doors are a uni­que option for our most deman­ding custo­mers. Due to the­ir ergo­no­mic design, car par­king is possi­ble right next to the door, which is very impor­tant for gara­ges with short drives.

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stan­dard track  low track with front shaft low track with rear shaft
springs tor­sion spring at the lintel tor­sion spring at the back
cle­ar width of manu­al door H – 120mm
cle­ar width of auto­ma­tic door H
N – mini­mum lin­tel for manu­al door 350mm 200mm 80mm
N – mini­mum lin­tel for auto­ma­tic door 350mm 200mm 120mm
W – side area 100mm
gara­ge len­ght – manu­al door H + 400mm H + 500mm H + 650mm
gara­ge len­ght – auto­ma­tic door H + 1000 mm H + 1000 mm H + 1150 mm



  • high embos­sed – not available
  • low embos­sed – all the fol­lo­wing except RAL 9006, RAL 7016 i RAL 9016 woodgrain
  • V embos­sed – RAL 9006
  • no embos­sing – RAL 9016 and RAL 9016 woodgrain
RAL 9006
RAL 9010 woodgrain
RAL 8014 woodgrain
RAL 9006 woodgrain
RAL 7016 woodgrain
RAL 7016
RAL 9016 woodgrain


  • high embos­sed – gol­den oak and walnut
  • low embos­sed – anth­ra­ci­te not available
  • V embos­sed  – not available
  • no embos­sing – maho­ga­ny not available
gol­den oak


  • V embos­sed  – not available
swam­py oak
sien­na noce
dark oak
anth­ra­ci­te plank
light oak
natu­ral oak
black cher­ry
douglas fir
light grey
grey wood effect
quartz grey
bazalt grey
off whi­te
light gre­en wood effect
dark gre­en
cho­co­la­te brown
sien­na rosso
mer­sey oak
polish pine
anti­que pine


Indu­strial doors were desi­gned for inten­si­ve use – in indu­strial buil­dings and mul­ti-fami­ly resi­den­tial buil­dings. The door con­struc­tion is made of galva­ni­sed ste­el ele­ments. Thanks to the com­ple­te sealing aro­und the door, GMS Sec­tio­nal doors are very prac­ti­cal for heat and aco­ustic insulation.

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pro­wa­dze­nie standardowe

pro­wa­dze­nie niskie
wał z przodu

pro­wa­dze­nie pionowe

pro­wa­dze­nie wysokie

pro­wa­dze­nie pod kątem

Warunki montażu

stan­dard wyso­kie niskie przód pod kątem pio­no­we
sprę­ży­ny 25.000 cykli
mak­sy­mal­ny wymiar bramy 420 – 600 min. 600 350 – 420 min. 450 H + 600
świa­tło wjaz­du przy bra­mie ręcznej 150
świa­tło wjaz­du przy zasto­so­wa­niu automatu 250
N – min. nadproże
w bra­mie ręcznej
N – min. nadproże
w bra­mie z automatem
W – prze­strzeń boczna 200
głę­bo­kość garażu
bra­ma ręczna

Przetłoczenia niskie


Kolor zewnętrzny bramy

RAL 8014 woodgrain
RAL 9006 woodgrain
RAL 7016 woodgrain
RAL 9016 woodgrain

Kolor wewnętrzny bramy

RAL 9010 stucco

Przykładowe rozwiązania techniczne

GMS Sec­tio­nal Doors are a gre­at option for our most deman­ding custo­mers. We use only the highest quali­ty com­po­nents, which pro­vi­de the highest quali­ty pro­duct. The panels are fil­led with high quali­ty foam and the sealing aro­und the door pro­vi­des the GMS Sys­tem Doors with high heat and aco­ustic insu­la­tion capability.

The out­si­de shield of the door is made of galva­ni­sed she­et metal, with a lay­er of poly­ester lacqu­er or Reno­lit vene­er film. The fil­ling is made of freonfree poly­ure­tha­ne foam.

All panels are fini­shed with galva­ni­sed she­et metal fit­tings and desi­gned so as to pro­tect the users from  fin­ger trap­ping acci­dents. The door fra­me­work is made of galva­ni­sed ste­el ele­ments. The casing is equ­ip­ped with rub­ber sealing. To balan­ce the weight of the door, galva­ni­sed tor­sion springs have been used.


pli­ki .dwg
instruk­cja mon­ta­żu stan­dard s
instruk­cja mon­ta­żu niski przód f
instruk­cja mon­ta­żu niski tył r