When making she­et metal gara­ges, the most impor­tant thing is an indi­vi­du­al appro­ach to the custo­mer and the con­struc­tion of buil­dings that will ful­ly meet his expec­ta­tions. The big­gest advan­ta­ge of this type of ste­el rooms is the­ir pri­ce, becau­se they are much che­aper than the­ir brick and wooden coun­ter­parts. At the same time, it is the easiest solu­tion to apply, becau­se the descri­bed she­et metal buil­dings not exce­eding 35 m² do not requ­ire the fina­li­za­tion of costly and time-con­su­ming offi­cial pro­ces­ses. They inc­lu­de the employ­ment of a desi­gner and survey­or and going thro­ugh the admi­ni­stra­ti­ve requ­ire­ments in order to obta­in a per­mit neces­sa­ry to erect a buil­ding lar­ger than 35 m².

Steel sheet metal garages

The highest quali­ty she­et metal gara­ges made by GMS Sys­tem are an alter­na­ti­ve solu­tion to the very com­mon ste­el struc­tu­res made of tra­pe­zo­idal she­et and brick. They are an offer for people who value the spe­ed and sim­pli­ci­ty of assem­bly and aesthe­tics the most. This type of room is equ­ip­ped with a trac­kless over­he­ad gate. Depen­ding on the option cho­sen by the custo­mer, it can be sup­ple­men­ted with: • auto­ma­tion, • win­dows, • wic­ket doors, • gut­te­ring, • swing doors.

Ano­ther option worth men­tio­ning is the possi­bi­li­ty to cho­ose dif­fe­rent types of wall fini­shes for the ste­el gara­ge. GS Stan­dard is a finish made of galva­ni­zed ste­el she­et, GS Stan­dard Color is a finish made of fac­to­ry-pain­ted galva­ni­zed she­et (the­re are 10 colors as stan­dard), whi­le GS Pre­mium guaran­te­es, thanks to the use of an aesthe­tic attic, a spec­ta­cu­lar effect. A cha­rac­te­ri­stic featu­re of this type is the use of struc­tu­ral plaster.

The equ­ip­ment of the­se she­et metal gara­ges addi­tio­nal­ly inc­lu­des an over­he­ad sli­ding gate. Depen­ding on the options cho­sen by the custo­mer, it is also possi­ble to convert it into a turn-and-turn door, add wic­ket doors, win­dows, gut­te­ring or automation.

Custom-sized double-garage metal garages

The best that a client can deci­de to do is trust experts and give the­ir opi­nion. A double gara­ge with an over­ly lar­ge area may requ­ire a buil­ding per­mit. Wha­t’s wor­se, from the point of view of the Buy­er, the desi­re to build a lar­ger room may be asso­cia­ted with an incre­ase in costs of 8% for eve­ry 10 cm.

Garaże blaszane 4×6

A very impor­tant ele­ment of buil­ding a double gara­ge is to deter­mi­ne the exact dimen­sions that will be needed to make it ful­ly func­tio­nal. When esti­ma­ting the size of this type of ste­el struc­tu­re, it can be mista­ken­ly con­si­de­red too small. Howe­ver, it very often hap­pens that the client requ­ests the con­struc­tion of a room lar­ger than it is actu­al­ly needed, which means that he unne­ces­sa­ri­ly spends more on buil­ding mate­rials. The seemin­gly small dif­fe­ren­ce in the size of double rooms may have a very serio­us impact on the pri­ce due to the fact that the­ir gre­ater height enta­ils the need to make the enti­re struc­tu­re from much stron­ger mate­rials and with a higher concentration.

Plastered tin garages

One of the most impor­tant things when buil­ding a ste­el gara­ge is to pour a flo­or that is strong, even and firm. The most fre­qu­en­tly descri­bed two-bay buil­dings are used as par­king spa­ces for cars weighing at least seve­ral hun­dred kilo­grams. The easiest way is to con­cret the gro­und befo­re the buil­ding is erec­ted. The flo­or may as well be made of con­cre­te slabs or cob­ble­sto­nes. The sup­port points for struc­tu­ral columns sho­uld be rein­for­ced with lar­ge con­cre­te blocks or foun­da­tion footings. After con­struc­tion, the gara­ge made of she­et metal sho­uld be ancho­red, i.e. atta­ched to the gro­und, so that strong wind does not dama­ge it or tear it off. It sho­uld be atta­ched to the con­cre­te scre­ed with long expan­sion bolts, one sho­uld be 2 meters away from the other. For lar­ge struc­tu­res, it may be neces­sa­ry to use angles.

Double garages

Depen­ding on the custo­me­r’s needs, ste­el gara­ges can be built for one vehic­le or two. The lat­ter option is, of cour­se, double-stand rooms with two gates. This solu­tion also allows, for exam­ple, to com­bi­ne two dif­fe­rent colors, if acry­lic she­et was used as the buil­ding material.

The offer also inc­lu­des the possi­bi­li­ty to cho­ose the color of the buil­dings. As stan­dard, it is a galva­ni­zed she­et, but you can also opt for ten other variants when selec­ting the Stan­dard offer. Pre­mium buil­dings are pla­ste­red and in this ran­ge you can cho­ose from the fol­lo­wing colors: sand, light gray, corn, whi­te, dark gray, brick red, lemon, beige and green.

czarny samochód w białym garażu czarne auto w bramie


Gara­że GMS-SYSTEM wypo­sa­żo­ne są w bra­mę uchyl­ną pro­wad­ni­co­wą zin­te­gro­wa­ną z przed­nią ścia­ną. W zależ­no­ści od wybra­nych przez Klien­ta opcji moż­li­wa jest zamia­na bra­my na roz­wier­ną, doda­nie okna, drzwi przej­ścio­wych, oryn­no­wa­nia, automatu.

Types of wall finishing

GS STANDARD — galva­ni­zed she­et metal finish
GS STANDARD KOLOR — fac­to­ry pain­ted galva­ni­zed ste­el she­et finish (10 colors as standard)
GS PREMIUM — fini­shing with struc­tu­ral pla­ster, the final effect is ensu­red by the use of an aesthe­tic attic


GMS-SYSTEM gara­ges are equ­ip­ped with a sli­ding guide gate. Depen­ding on the options selec­ted by the custo­mer, it is possi­ble to repla­ce the gate with a swing gate, add a win­dow, wic­ket door,
gut­te­ring, automatic.

wejście do garażu

jednostanowiskowy garaż standard

GS Stan­dard

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jednostanowiskowy garaż standard kolor

GS Stan­dard Kolor

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jednostanowiskowy garaż premium

GS Pre­mium

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gara­ge width (mm) 2970 / 3340 / 3710 /4080
gara­ge length (mm) 5220 / 5405 / 5590 / 5775 / 5960
gara­ge height (mm) 2240 / 2420

Double garages

dwustanowiskowy garaż standard dual

GS Stan­dard Dual

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dwustanowiskowy garaż standard dual kolor

GS Stan­dard Kolor Dual

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dwustanowiskowy garaż standard dual premium

GS Pre­mium Dual

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gara­ge width (mm) 5940
gara­ge length (mm) 5220 / 5405 / 5590 /5775 / 5960
gara­ge height (mm) 2240 / 2420


Depen­ding on the ver­sion, GMS-SYSTEM gara­ges are ava­ila­ble in the fol­lo­wing colors:

GS STANDARD — galvanized GS PREMIUM — beige K10150, whi­te K10070, brick red K12690, dark gray K11790, light gray K11750, lemon K10200, maize K12510, sand K10570, gre­en K12880.
STANDARD COLORRAL 9010, 8017, 8004, 3005, 9006, 7016, 6005, 8017 mat, 7024 mat, 6020 mat
 Kolor RAL Pre­mium TYNK
RAL 9010
RAL 8017
RAL 8017 matte
RAL 8004
RAL 6020 matte
RAL 3005
RAL 9006
RAL 7016
RAL 7024 matte
RAL 6005
light grey
dark grey

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gms_garaże stalowe_wzotnik_TYNK_2021
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