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new superhero from the GMS universe
Brand new, totally different
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More powerful. Better in every way

Aesthetic, simple and durable - this is how you can describe the SuperStrong steel garage in a few words! Its skeleton structure ensures resistance in difficult weather conditions. Equipped with a functional sectional garage door, it is appreciated by many satisfied customers. It is a solution that has become an alternative to traditional steel and brick buildings. Find out what its phenomenon is and see for yourself that it is worth making a purchase.

as our garage does.

Thanks to the use of specialist drills, our garages from the SuperStrong series can be installed directly in the ground.

Stand firm


The completely new constructionof the GMS SuperStrong garage allows for even distribution of loads up to around 3500 kg!

SuperStrong steel garage - innovative and durable construction

You wonder under what conditions it works steel garage z Sectional Gate? Solid skeleton structure makes SuperStrong remains resilient, even in the demanding mountain climate. It uses 12 galvanized steel posts and 16 horizontal and vertical reinforcements, which increase the stiffness of the walls. The conducted tests confirm that the innovative system can withstand loads of up to 3,5 tons of wet snow! Construction it has not been disturbed also under the influence of strong, gusty wind, a sectional garage door it worked flawlessly.

The manufacturer offers an innovative model SuperStrongmade of high-quality steel that is resistant to adverse external factors. Being aware of what users pay special attention to, we offer a product that is:

  • aesthetic,

  • easy to install and maintain,

  • durable.

In the presented garage with a sectional door an innovative ventilation system and an anti-condensation coating were used, which additionally increase the durability of the materials skeleton structure and increasing the level of comfort during use.

Tested construction

a guarantee of quality.

It stands wherever it wants

and there's nothing you can do about it

Specially designed garage feet allow for mounting both directly to the ground and to the ankle as well as on a concreted surface.


bare or factory painted galvanized steel sheet finish (10 colors as standard)

RAL Gloss














RAL Matte






SuperStrong Premium

finishing with structural plaster, the final effect is ensured by the use of an aesthetic attic

Brick red





* In SuperStrong steel garages, the gate, roof blinds and additional options, i.e. wicket door, window and gutter are not covered with plaster.

Exact colors
Manufacturer's Color Code
Plaster colors

beige K10150

white K10070

brick red K12690

dark grey K11790

light grey K11750

lemon K10200

maize K12510

 sand K10570

 zielony K12880

Greater freedom

Thanks to the use of 12 drillsthat are screwed into the ground to a depth of almost a meter, the SuperStrong garage can be mounted directly in the soil. SuperStrong garage suitable for installation in all three snow zones! ¹

¹ applies to installation on a foundation

of assembly

Available sizes



Garage length







The width of the garage






Garage height



Not by sheer endurance



The GMS Superstrong garage uses an innovative interior ventilation system garage Nano VENT, which in combination with an anti-condensation coating guarantees appropriate conditions in the garage.

SuperStrong garage construction without sheathing.

12 posts

made of galvanized steel constituting the main load-bearing part of the structure

16 reinforcements

horizontal and vertical to increase stiffness. 

The gold standard of durability

Thick steel poles, which, in combination with numerous U-profiles and Z-profiles, make up the garage structure, guarantee the highest durability offered by this type of garage on the market. The applied feet and foot bases enable installation on virtually any ground.

The gold standard of durability

Thick steel poles, which, in combination with numerous U-profiles and Z-profiles, form the structure of the garage, guarantee the highest durability offered by this type of garage on the market. The applied feet and foot bases enable installation on virtually any ground.

Unique approach 

to every detail

The method of mounting the roof, fascia and auxiliary elements ensures the highest possible tightness of the garage roof while maintaining the simplicity of installation

Compose for yourself

Additional options


view inside the garage

Passage doors

view inside the garage

Anti-condensation coating

view inside the garage

How does an anti-condensation coating work?

Water vapor condensing on the surface of the sheet or foil penetrates into the spaces between the fibers of such a coating, so that no drops are formed. The higher the grammage of the nonwoven fabric, the more condensation such a coating can accumulate. Some nonwovens can retain up to 1000 g of water per 1 m² of sheet metal or foil. It is worth remembering that the coating stores water only for the time of increased air humidity and only to be returned when drier air flows in. Therefore, it stores water in an amount regulated by the ventilation of the roof or covering.

Easy and quick assembly of the SuperStrong steel garage - do it yourself!

Do you know that skeleton structure of the SuperStrong steel garage allows for its installation on any surface? This means that it can be placed both on an ankle, concrete and directly on the ground. This is possible thanks to the aforementioned screws, screwed in to a depth of almost one meter. How does the installation work in practice? Can you cope with this task alone or will it be necessary to call a professional team? The manufacturer took care of all the details, making it possible to complete the task yourself. All components SuperStrong steel garage z sectional garage door fit on one pallet and are carefully folded and described.

If you intend to place the building on the ground, it will be necessary to prepare the base basic, i.e. remove a few centimeters of the top layer. After screwing in the metal pins, proceed to assembly skeleton structure strengthening. The next step is screwing the side walls. In the last stage, only waiting for you sectional garage doorwhich can be equipped with a manual handle or automatic control. As you can see, assembly SuperStrong It consists of a few basic activities that even a less experienced DIY enthusiast can handle.

choosing SuperStrong steel garage, you gain the opportunity to equip it with additional amenities that will make the building meet your expectations completely. A practical option is to insert an additional front door, which will make it easier for you to enter the interior without having to lift the main one each time sectional garage door. If you want to have a view outside while inside, choose to equip one of the walls with functional glazing as a window. Though garage construction guarantees its tightness, it is worth considering the installation of the guttering, which will increase the level of safety.

If you are looking for a solid solution that will protect your vehicle even in the most difficult weather conditions at any time of the year - decide to buy SuperStrong steel garage z garage sectional doorwhose innovative skeleton structure provides exceptional durability. Regardless of changing weather conditions, you will feel comfortable and the fear of damaging your car will cease to be your concern. See for yourself that it is worth choosing a reliable product with high aesthetics and durability for years!

Adjust the structure of the steel garage to your own needs.

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