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Steel shelters - for firewood, bicycles and others

Shelters for two-wheelers
Shelter for


Garden sheds

Shelters for two-wheelers, eg. for bike

Are you looking for a place where you can store the necessary tools, bicycles or maybe garden furniture? Check the possibilities offered by the assembly of a sheet metal tool shelter! A functional gazebo, which you will place on your plot, will become a hiding place for valuable equipment and all items that have not had their place so far. Is it worth choosing a metal house? Find out what to look for when shopping.

We also took care of the comfort of introducing heavy machines. The entry rail allows for easy insertion and removal of the motorcycle and effectively secures its position. Extremely popular in Germany, the world is now available in Poland.

There is no better place.

We recommend steel shelters for every person who needs additional space where they could store a motorcycle or other two-wheeler. They have a door with a built-in brush seal, enabling the use of a non-threshold system. There are ventilation holes in the side walls to ensure adequate air circulation. The offer includes various color variants and optimal dimensions, so that our products meet all the needs and expectations of customers.

This product will please two-wheelers and automotive enthusiasts. For many of you, a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle is not only a means of transport, but a lifestyle and passion. Our shelters are designed for scooters, bicycles and even heavy racers. Extremely light and aesthetic structure does not have to be a compromise in our space and is a great complement to a home, housing estate or parking systems in front of the company. Do not worry about weather conditions, do not take up space in the garage, our carport will take care of your equipment.

More than just a vehicle.

Which two-wheelers?




You can put the windbreak for GMS two-wheelers wherever you want. The surface under the shelter does not have to be particularly hardened, so it can stand both on a concrete parking lot and directly on a driveway made of paving stones!

Place where you want




1290 mm | 1480 mm

2820 mm

1710 mm | 1810 mm

A shelter for two-wheelers

RAL 7016 matt

Shelters for wheelchairs

For people in wheelchairs, we have prepared a solution that will allow them to conveniently store their wheeled vehicle. Steel sheds are an excellent protection that will protect the contents, among others, against unfavorable weather conditions - primarily against the harmful effects of water.

We recommend steel shelters for every person looking for additional space for storing a wheelchair. Our shelters have doors with a built-in brush seal, enabling the use of a non-threshold system. Our offer includes various color variants, so that our products are not only functional, but also meet the aesthetic needs of our customers.

Problem with the stroller?

The small size of the shelter was created for the storage of wheelchairs. The aesthetic design and small dimensions make these shelters most often installed near the entrance to a multi-family building / house.

We have created a mini garage adapted to the needs of disabled people. The wheelchair shelter aims to improve the quality of life and facilitate everyday struggles for disabled people and their carers. Environmental consultations allowed us to observe the most common problems such as lack of space, weather conditions, unresolved architectural barriers in old buildings and the need to have several types of wheelchairs.

Bet without formalities

Our shelters are very easy to install, light and durable structure allows you to place the shelter in any place and, if necessary, rearrange it. No official approvals are required for these products.





1100 mm

1400 mm

1500 mm

Shelter for wheelchairs

Garden sheds, incl. on firewood

Shelters designed for gardens and allotments. They can be used for storing equipment, gardening tools and for storing firewood.

We recommend steel shelters to anyone who runs a garden. A garden shed is an ideal solution for storing garden tools, storing firewood. Thanks to its size, it will be perfect for both small allotment gardens and large gardens. The option of choosing the colors allows the customer to adjust the appearance of the shelter to other garden objects.

Do you have a garden?

Have a shelter.

This product will please gardeners and gardeners. A garden shed is a simple but multifunctional solution. If you have a large garden, you can store your tools where it is convenient for you, and for those with a small garden, it becomes the only solution that saves space in a house or gazebo. The garden is not only tools but also all seasonal accessories, toys for children, umbrellas, chairs and swings. This product is also useful for owners of fireplaces for the storage of wood.

Wood storage

Tool space

Hide seasonal equipment

You can put up the GMS garden shed where you want. The surface under the shelter does not have to be particularly hardened, so it can stand both on a concrete parking lot and directly on the lawn or a driveway made of paving stones!

Place where you want

Sheet metal tool sheds - what can you store in them?

Why so many plots lockers appear for tools? Functions it performs metal garden shed there are plenty. It is bought because of the ease assembly and the possibility of storing articles made in itused when working in the garden. Tin tool houses act as a warehouse:

  • bicycles,

  • children's toys,

  • gardening equipment,

  • plant protection products,

  • furniture garden during the winter.

All metal gazebos are easy to handle assembly. Whichever model you choose, you will be able to do the job yourself.

How to choose the best one tool shelter? Make up your mind for one housewhich will fit on plotand at the same time there is enough space to hide tools and equipment. Lockable doors provide effective protection against weather conditions and also protect against theft.





2200 mm

2100 mm

2620 mm

A solid structure of garden sheds - a guarantee of durability in all conditions

Material made tool gazebo is important for the durability of the entire structure. Before choosing a specific product, pay attention to its type and quality. Metal houses are chosen most often because they retain their functional and visual qualities for many years. Some garden sheds they do not have a floor, while others have been equipped with it, which additionally increases the resistance to moisture coming from the ground. Durable tin cells provide effective protection against adverse weather conditions that could cause damage arbor and its content.

Although the materials are resistant and durable, their weight is not high - because of that garden houses they are suitable for stand alone assembly in any part plot

Choose tin arbors for a high-quality plot from a proven manufacturer!

although metal gazebos on the plot they play a practical role, one should not forget about the visual aspects. As an experienced producer world we guarantee you, above all, the durability of the offered products, but also their aesthetic appearance. Thanks to well-thought-out colors tin tool house it will perfectly match the greenery in the garden, and together they will create a coherent whole.

Take a look at garden houses with independent assemblythat will provide protection for basic tools and valuable equipment regardless of the weather conditions outside. Match the dimensions  a tin arbor to suit your needs and choose a color that will match the style of the closest space. Choose metal shelter quality utility room and enjoy extra storage space on yours plot!

Garden shelter

RAL 6020 matt

We have created a comprehensive range of steel shelters that allow you to store a variety of products and equipment. The smallest shelter is addressed to people in wheelchairs - it is perfect for multi-family buildings, simplifying the functioning of a person with a physical disability. Garden and storage sheds fulfill their role in storing tools, small garden equipment, bicycles, scooters and all kinds of everyday products.
The shelters for two-wheelers are a solution for users of motorbikes, scooters and bicycles.

Colors available

RAL 3005
RAL 6005
RAL 7016
RAL 8004
RAL 8017
RAL 9006
RAL 9010

Matt colors

RAL 6020
RAL 7016
RAL 8017

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