The cel­lar door with a GMS‑A fil­ling ensu­res opti­mal pro­por­tions betwe­en main­ta­ining the pri­va­cy of users and ensu­ring ade­qu­ate ven­ti­la­tion of the rooms. In addi­tion, an affor­da­ble pri­ce deci­des that it is the most com­mon­ly used fil­ling in the GMS fen­cing system.
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We also took care of the aesthe­tics in pla­ces less visi­ted but extre­me­ly prac­ti­cal. We have cre­ated a pro­duct that not only chan­ges the appe­aran­ce in a sim­ple way but also con­tri­bu­tes to incre­ased safe­ty. Few people on a daily basis are not awa­re of the risks posed by the use of „home” and „pseu­do armo­red” doors in the cellars.

Our doors meet all fire safe­ty cer­ti­fi­ca­tes and this applies to the mate­rials used as well as the possi­bi­li­ty of asses­sing the situ­ation by fire­fi­gh­ters during a fire. You never know what mate­rials are sto­red in the basement.

For incre­ased com­fort, our cel­lar doors are pre­pa­red for courier ship­ping. Toge­ther with the assem­bly kit, it is possi­ble to install the door to your base­ment yourself.

Installation instructions

Technical informations

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The GMS‑P type fil­ling in the basic ver­sion, due to its pro­per­ties, is valu­ed by users for whom pri­va­cy is important.

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