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GMS GMS Sp. z o.o. was established in 1994. The main area of ​​the company's activity is the production of modern garage doors, dump arbors, fences, shelters and basement doors. The basic assumption of our products is their trouble-free operation and functionality, which is why a control system based on the highest European quality standards operates at every stage of production. Despite achieving a satisfactory position in the industry and high quality production, the company still cares for constant development, as evidenced by the subsequent awards received. Thousands of satisfied customers throughout Europe are the best recommendation for our products.

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Distributors of garage doors, warehouses, garages, gazebos and shelters from the System GMS System - Warsaw, Katowice, Wrocław, Łódź, Szczecin, Toruń and many more! : 


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GMS System is a producer of dump arbors, shelters, basement doors and modern garage doors in Nawojowa. These are the highest quality items in their category, thanks to which they are exported throughout the European Union. A control system based on European quality standards operates at every stage of production. Therefore, if you want to buy the right type, it's worth choosing one of the versions in the assortment.