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Garages and garage doors, gazebos and sheds from a leading manufacturer!

One of the inve­st­ments that can serve for many years are gara­ge doors. It is the­re­fo­re very impor­tant to cho­ose a tru­stwor­thy pro­du­cer. The com­bi­na­tion of inno­va­ti­ve solu­tions with robust and dura­ble work­man­ship is the only guaran­tee of weather pro­tec­tion with simul­ta­ne­ous func­tio­na­li­ty and safe­ty for users. GMS Sys­tem is a manu­fac­tu­rer of gara­ge doors, gaze­bos and shel­ters, who­se offer is addres­sed to all tho­se who appre­cia­te the highest quali­ty of work­man­ship. Many years of expe­rien­ce in the indu­stry makes custo­mers can be sure of the quali­ty of servi­ces provided. 

Tin garage, popular tin garage

One of the most popu­lar solu­tions are the ico­nic tin pla­tes, in which we can install gara­ge doors. Metal gara­ges are the che­apest and the easiest solu­tion to use, which is lar­ge­ly behind the­ir enor­mo­us reco­gni­tion. Sim­pli­ci­ty lies in, among others on the fact that if the sur­fa­ce of the erec­ted buil­ding does not exce­ed 35 m², it can be erec­ted, bypas­sing expen­si­ve and very time-con­su­ming offi­cial pro­ce­du­res aimed at issu­ing a buil­ding per­mit. Of cour­se, it sho­uld be equ­ip­ped with a gate, who­se relia­ble manu­fac­tu­rer is the GMS System. 

Garage manufacturer 

All buil­dings can also be orde­red from GMS Sys­tem con­trac­tors. As a pro­ven pro­du­cer of gara­ges we recom­mend, among others, lar­ge-size rooms. They can be pla­ced whe­re­ver a very lar­ge sto­ra­ge spa­ce is needed, far bey­ond the stan­dard sizes. The­ir gre­at advan­ta­ge is that you can sto­re equ­ip­ment of even the lar­gest sizes, such as motor boats, con­ta­iners, trac­tors or cam­pers. Befo­re erec­ting such a buil­ding, of cour­se, measu­re­ments are made to pre­ci­se­ly adapt to the needs and expec­ta­tions of each client. The dimen­sions of the buil­dings can­not be too small, of cour­se, but it is also not desi­ra­ble to build a lar­ge room, becau­se it enta­ils unne­ces­sa­ry costs. As a ver­sa­ti­le gara­ge pro­du­cer, GMS Sys­tem also offers col­lec­ti­ve buil­dings. They are the best way to divi­de par­king spa­ces in this type of buil­dings. The spa­ce for stands with open­work gara­ge doors is not only pro­per­ly divi­ded, but also ven­ti­la­ted. In addi­tion, they restrict access to them by unau­tho­ri­zed per­sons. They are made using the highest quali­ty non-com­bu­sti­ble mate­rials, which has a very posi­ti­ve effect on main­ta­ining high stan­dards of faci­li­ty secu­ri­ty. Ste­el gara­ges are ano­ther ele­ment inc­lu­ded in the exten­si­ve GMS Sys­tem offer. The­ir main featu­re is very high quali­ty, becau­se, as a manu­fac­tu­rer of this type of buil­dings with very exten­si­ve expe­rien­ce, we know that cho­osing them is not worth sole­ly guided by the pri­ce. Thanks to this, you can get a pro­duct that stands out from other solu­tions on the Polish market. 

Garage doors 

The­re are vario­us ways to pro­tect your car aga­inst the nega­ti­ve effects of the weather. Gara­ge doors, of which we are a pro­du­cer, are, witho­ut a reason, the most popu­lar solu­tion. Hin­ged doors per­fec­tly pro­tect aga­inst dama­ge and weather con­di­tions, are also very com­for­ta­ble and func­tio­nal and allow for addi­tio­nal improvements. 

Garage doors in housing estate

Most often in housing esta­te buil­dings (i.e. par­king sys­tems of this type) and in sin­gle-fami­ly houses swing gara­ge doors. The­ir advan­ta­ge is a very light con­struc­tion, guaran­te­eing ease of use. To incre­ase the ease of use, the manu­fac­tu­rers of this type of door with GMS Sys­tem offer the­ir full automation. 

Single-family garage doors

Up-and-over gara­ge doors also often appe­ar in sin­gle-fami­ly housing. Seg­men­ted gara­ge doors are an option for custo­mers looking for more non-stan­dard solu­tions. They con­ta­in armor made of hot-dip galva­ni­zed she­et, addi­tio­nal­ly cove­red with a lay­er of poly­ester var­nish. Thanks to this, the input is per­fec­tly pro­tec­ted aga­inst scrat­ches. GMS Sys­tem door manu­fac­tu­rers also offer the­ir sealing, which also ensu­res sound insulation. 

Gazebos and dustbin shelters

Thanks to the modu­lar design in our dump arbors, the indi­vi­du­al ele­ments are inte­gra­ted with each other using bol­ted con­nec­tions. The sta­bi­li­ty of the struc­tu­re is guaran­te­ed by the use of very solid pro­fi­les made of galva­ni­zed ste­el. Walls can be selec­ted by the inve­stor, and depen­ding on the­ir cho­ice, the gaze­bo manu­fac­tu­rer offers full as well as openwork. 

Manufacturer of gazebos and dustbin shelters

One of the rooms, who­se popu­la­ri­ty rema­ins unaf­fec­ted regar­dless of the time, are shel­ters. They are used whe­re­ver the­re is a need to sto­re any­thing. You can also sto­re wood in them for fuel, sports equ­ip­ment, gar­den tools and items such as a bicyc­le, ska­te­bo­ard, sco­oter or rol­ler ska­tes. The manu­fac­tu­rer, GMS Sys­tem, also offers a spe­cial ver­sion of the shel­ter, which allows sto­ring whe­el­cha­irs in it, which is undo­ub­te­dly a gre­at conve­nien­ce for disa­bled people and the­ir families. 
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