Compact Type GMS Vent

let your garage catch its breath.

Innovation in compact form.

The only up-and-over gate in Poland with a scissor guidance system. It allows you to save space inside the garage, and its installation is very simple, regardless of the height of the ceiling.

Top-shelf materials only.

No worries about the quality.

Our Compact doors have a European Certificate.

What distinguishes GMS gates

from the Compact series?

Scissor opening system

Thanks to the innovative scissor lifting mechanism, GMS Compact version overhead doors, type GMS Vent and Compact type GMS A, do not have ceiling guides. This solution not only saves space inside the garage, but also makes the door move more quietly, and its installation is quick and easy, regardless of the height of the ceiling.

Goodbye dusty grilles
Welcome to NANO Vent®

Machine stamped NANO Vent® holes are GMS System's proprietary solution. They allow air to circulate in the boxes while maintaining privacy. Due to their location, the ventilation grilles usually looked unsightly quickly and needed cleaning… with NANO Vent® openings no problem!

You can't buy time
But the gates with assembly in 5 minutes you can

Both the Compact GMS Type A and Compact GMS Type Vent doors have a very simple method of installation, so installing the entire door can take up to 5 minutes.

in the color of the wing
it just has to look good
Compact Vent and Compact Type A doors are available in galvanized color.

Additional colors are available by prior arrangement.

You don't lift a finger
to open our gate
... okay with one finger

Completely redesigned mechanisms in Compact up-and-over doors allow the door to be opened with very little force. Closing is also effortless.

and that's it.

Self-latches made of durable plastic installed in the gates guarantee the closing of the gate and, unlike steel ones, do not tend to jam after prolonged use.

Full control

grab the handrail.

The handrail in Compact doors is designed to fit any type of hand. The shape in which it has been profiled prevents it from slipping out of the hand while opening or closing.

above all.

We care about the safety of your family. Therefore, up-and-over garage doors in the Compact Type Vent and Compact Type A are secured against spring breakage thanks to our proven method - instead of one large spring, we install several smaller ones. Thanks to this solution, even if one of the springs fails, the door will still function!

The use of smaller springs also facilitates possible replacement.

strand for the lock



Just perfect.

Safe transportation

Your product.
Our transport.
Our concern.

We secure our gates for transport in such a way as to eliminate any mechanical damage and protect the surface against weather conditions. 



Zinc layer

Painting in RAL color *

Steel "C" -shaped panels 185 mm high, joined together by strapping and the ToX® joining system. Thanks to the specially designed grooves and bending points, the Compact Panel “C” door cover is as rigid as a whole sheet cover, with a much lower weight and the possibility of replacing it in the event of mechanical damage.

Technical informations:
frame outer profile (mm)

70 * 40

maximum dimension (mm)

2750 x 2250

2500 x 2370

entry light

S-280 H-200


in and behind the opening

insulation / wicket door

no no

adaptation for an automatic machine


Compare Compacty

Compact Type GMS VENT

Filling - Panel "C"

Nano Vent holes

Ventilation level

From PLN 1

Compact Type GMS A

Filling - Lamela

Openwork sheathing

Ventilation level

From PLN 1

Compact Panel C

Filling - Panel "C"

Sealing with brush system¹

Ventilation level

From PLN 1

Take a look

See Compact in AR *

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* The model is illustrative and may differ both structurally and visually from the real product.

Files to download

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