GMS System single-leaf panel doors are a solution designed for smaller garage structures. The main advantage of swing gates is a simple, stable and durable structure that guarantees quiet and efficient operation. Thanks to the panel used in sectional doors, the doors guarantee excellent thermal insulation.

Single-leaf construction

1. Solid construction

The quality of our products is of key importance to us. Single-leaf swing gates GMS The system is made of a closed section with a cross-section of 40 * 40 mm. The leaf is filled with a steel, galvanized, profiled sheet: gate trapezoid. This guarantees stable operation of the sash for many years.

2. Durable GMS gates

We want you to enjoy the use of our gates as long as possible. That is why all steel elements used in the production of gates are galvanized, and where possible, welding is replaced by twisting. Thanks to this, we reduce the potential corrosion centers to a minimum, extending the service life of our products.

3. Additional options

If you want to minimize heat loss, it is worth considering door insulation. Maybe it's worth choosing door closers. These and many other additional options can be used for swing gates GMS System.

4. Stable closure

Products GMS The system is designed with your safety in mind. In the swing gates, we have applied additional security measures to protect the users. The leaf movement is protected against opening too wide - especially dangerous in windy weather, by the locking feet against spontaneous closing of the leaf.

Types of embossing

Without embossing

Narrow embossing

Types of fillings


UF panel

Front - narrow embossment

Rear - no ribbing

RL panel

Front - narrow embossment

Rear - narrow crease

RL panel

Front - without embossing

Rear - narrow crease

Optional accessories

Sash protection foot, 460 * 135 ventilation grille, 600 * 265 glazing, non-threshold brush system

Angles for the joint for gates

200 mm espagnolette

Cylinder with a single key system

Foot securing the leaf

Slat door closer

glazing 600 * 265

ventilation grille 460 * 135

Lacquered door handle

Sash opening blockade 

in standard

Technical informations

frame cross-section (mm)

40 * 40

assembly method

in the hole

maximum dimension (mm)

1500 * 3000

entry light

S 130, H 80




RAL 7016
RAL 8014
RAL 9016


RAL 7016
RAL 8014
RAL 9016


Golden Oak

Files to download

By going to the page below you will find files and brochures about GMS swing gates