Garages, gazebos, cells and basement doors - estate system | GMS System

Collective garages

The best way to divide the parking spaces in the basement of the building is to use collective garage development systems. They divide the space into positions with openwork gates that provide adequate ventilation, and at the same time limit access by unauthorized persons. They are made of the highest quality, non-flammable materials, which contributes to maintaining a high standard of security of the facility.
In dumpster gazebos GMS a modular structure was used, the individual elements of which are connected with each other by means of bolted connections. The use of solid galvanized steel profiles guarantees the stability of the structure. Depending on the investor's requirements, the walls are available in full and openwork construction.
Type fencing system GMS, which includes openwork partition walls with doors is a proven way to separate storage rooms in multi-family housing. Thanks to a stable and durable structure for many years, the fencing organizes and divides the space available in a given facility. We make them from the best quality, non-flammable materials.
For buildings with existing internal walls, especially in the so-called "Large slab", we recommend openwork doors to the basement. It is an excellent alternative to heavy, bulky wooden doors. The structure is equipped with fasteners made of high-strength plastic, which increases the stability of the sash. Basement doors are available in selected types of partition fillings.
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