Garden shelters

Shel­ters cre­ated for gar­dens and gar­den plots. They can be used for sto­ring equ­ip­ment, gar­den tools and for sto­ring firewood.

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We recom­mend ste­el shel­ters for eve­ry per­son who runs a gar­den. Gar­den shel­ters is an ide­al solu­tion for sto­ring gar­den tools, sto­ring fire­wo­od. Thanks to its size, it will be per­fect both in small gar­den plots and huge gar­dens. The option of cho­osing a color sche­me allows the custo­mer to adjust the look of the shed to other gar­den objects.

This pro­duct will ple­ase gar­de­ners and lovers of gar­de­ning. Gar­den shel­ters is a sim­ple but mul­ti­func­tio­nal solu­tion. If you have a lar­ge gar­den, you can sto­re the tools whe­re you need it com­for­ta­bly, and for tho­se with a small gar­den it beco­mes the only solu­tion saving spa­ce in a house or gaze­bo. The gar­den is not only tools but also all seaso­nal acces­so­ries, toys for chil­dren, umbrel­las, cha­irs, swings. This pro­duct is also use­ful for fire­pla­ce owners in order to sto­re wood.



Width Length Height
2200 mm 2620 mm 2100 mm

Shelters for two-wheelers

Small dimen­sions of the world cre­ated for sto­ra­ge of motor­cyc­les, sco­oters and bicyc­les. Thanks to a spe­cial­ly desi­gned entry rail, the intro­duc­tion of even a heavy motor­cyc­le is very conve­nient and easy. Ligh­twe­ight and dura­ble con­struc­tion makes it possi­ble to pla­ce the shed in any pla­ce. This solu­tion saves spa­ce in the gara­ge and effec­ti­ve­ly pro­tects bicyc­les from adver­se weather con­di­tions. It can be used in sin­gle-fami­ly housing and offi­ce systems.

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We recom­mend ste­el shel­ters for eve­ry per­son who needs addi­tio­nal spa­ce in which they could sto­re a motor­cyc­le or other two-whe­eler. They have a door with a built-in brush seal that allows the use of a non-thre­shold sys­tem. In the side walls the­re are ven­ti­la­tion ope­nings ensu­ring ade­qu­ate air cir­cu­la­tion. The offer inc­lu­des vario­us color variants and opti­mal dimen­sions, so that our pro­ducts meet all the needs and expec­ta­tions of customers.

This pro­duct will ple­ase fans of two-whe­elers, moto­ring enthu­sia­sts. For many of you, a motor­cyc­le, sco­oter or bicyc­le is not just a means of trans­port but a life­sty­le and pas­sion. Our shel­ters are desi­gned for sco­oters, bicyc­les and even heavy snow­mo­bi­les. Extre­me­ly light and aesthe­tic design does not have to be a com­pro­mi­se in our spa­ce and is a gre­at com­ple­ment to the house, housing esta­te or par­king sys­tems in front of the com­pa­ny. Do not wor­ry abo­ut atmo­sphe­ric con­di­tions, do not take a pla­ce in the gara­ge, our world will take care of your equipment.

We also took care of the com­fort of pla­cing heavy machi­nes. The entry rail allows easy entry and remo­val of the motor­cyc­le and effec­ti­ve­ly pro­tects its posi­tion. Extre­me­ly popu­lar in Ger­ma­ny, it is now ava­ila­ble in Poland.



Width Length Height
1290 mm 2820 mm 1710 mm
1480 mm 2820 mm 1810 mm

Wheelchair shelters

For people using whe­el­cha­irs, we have pre­pa­red a solu­tion that will ena­ble them to conve­nien­tly sto­re the­ir whe­eled vehic­le. Ste­el sheds are an excel­lent pro­tec­tion that will pro­tect the con­tent, among other things, from adver­se weather con­di­tions – abo­ve all aga­inst the harm­ful effects of water.

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We recom­mend ste­el shel­ters for eve­ry per­son looking for addi­tio­nal spa­ce to sto­re a whe­el­cha­ir. Our sheds have a door with a built-in brush seal that allows the use of a non-thre­shold sys­tem. The offer inc­lu­des vario­us color variants, so that our pro­ducts are not only func­tio­nal, but also satis­fy the aesthe­tic needs of our clients.

Pur­po­se: small size of the world cre­ated for sto­ra­ge of whe­el­cha­irs. Aesthe­tic design and small dimen­sions make the­se shel­ters are most often instal­led near the entran­ce to a mul­ti-fami­ly buil­ding / house.

We have cre­ated a mini gara­ge adap­ted to the needs of disa­bled people. The whe­el­cha­ir shel­ter is desi­gned to impro­ve the quali­ty of life and to faci­li­ta­te eve­ry­day strug­gles for the disa­bled and the­ir care­gi­vers. Envi­ron­men­tal con­sul­ta­tions have allo­wed us to obse­rve the most com­mon pro­blems such as lack of spa­ce, weather con­di­tions, unre­so­lved archi­tec­tu­ral bar­riers in old buil­dings and the need to have seve­ral types of wheelchairs.

Our sheds are very easy to assem­ble, light and dura­ble con­struc­tion allows you to embed the light in any pla­ce, and if neces­sa­ry, switch. No offi­cial con­sents are requ­ired for the­se products.



Width Length Height
1100 mm 1500 mm 1400 mm

We have cre­ated a com­pre­hen­si­ve ran­ge of ste­el lights that allow you to sto­re vario­us pro­ducts and equ­ip­ment items. The smal­lest shel­ter is addres­sed to people using whe­el­cha­irs – it works per­fec­tly in the sur­ro­un­dings of mul­ti-fami­ly buil­dings, sim­pli­fy­ing the func­tio­ning of a per­son with a phy­si­cal disa­bi­li­ty. Gar­den and sto­ra­ge sheds ful­fill the­ir role in the sto­ra­ge of tools, small gar­den equ­ip­ment, bicyc­les, sco­oters and all kinds of eve­ry­day pro­ducts. Bicyc­les are a solu­tion for users of motor­cyc­les, sco­oters and bicycles.


RAL 9010
RAL 8017
RAL 8017 matte
RAL 8004
RAL 6020 matte
RAL 3005
RAL 9006
RAL 7016
RAL 7024 matte
RAL 6005


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